The display of birch barkpanels and miniatures is a business card of Creative workshop "Siberian Birch Bark" and its head Vladimir Shishkin, born May, 21, 1962. Diverse Siberian nature, genre compositions, Christian Orthodox ideas are the typical themes of his artistic works. A Novosibirsk bora artist, Vladimir Shishkin established bis own way in Art and set up his own school in 1995. The works of the Master are unique in their transparency, delicate lightness and natural coloring. They are different from any other similar works on birch bark made by Russian or Siberian artists. The thin layer of soft honey watercolor is totally transparent and does not hide the bark, but provides a natural continuation of its colorful palette. The birch bark itself helps the artist realize his creative ideas.

The viewer immediately feels the open spaces of Ancient Russia and its purifying simplicity. In 6 years the workshop has produced over 2500 works, many being displayed in private collections in Russia, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Switzerland, and Vatican. Its works are awarded the Big and the Small Golden Medals of the Siberian Fair. Mr. Shishkin was honored numerous titles and awards; mostly proud he is of them: "The King of Siberian Birch Bark".

The workshop offers its original production to tasters' choice and is open to all sorts of cooperation in the field of international shows, auctions and any forms of promotion of Russian Art abroad.

Welcome contact to us: P.O.B. 310, 630099 Novosibirsk, Russia
Tel./fax: +7-3832-900-417

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